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Affects Illuminating Eye Concealer

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The perfect  concealer  makes the skin lighter and radiant with maximum moisture. Hides any imperfections, neutralizes skin blemishes and evens out the skin tone. Provides natural and healthy look, thanks to soft focus effect optically smooths the skin, distracts and reflecting the light.


The light, liquid consistency  of the product guarantees an easy and pleasant application. It perfectly blends with the skin tone and provide perfect, long lasting covering and at the same time it does not overwhelm the skin. Contains vegetable glycerin providing the water to the skin.


Another component, Phytosqualane, is natural emollient, compatible with skin. The same compound is contained  in human sebum, that provides a natural  protection of skin – it hydrate the skin, prevents it from water loss and makes the skin soft and elastic.


Hyaluronic acid fill the surface between the collagen fibres and Elastin, binding water stops it in the epidermis, what prevents wrinkles appearance.

Please Note - 2 week lead time

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