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Masterclass: Contouring and Strobing

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Masterclass: Contouring and Strobing
This course is perfect for those who have undertaken the Airbase Introductory Make-Up Course Stage 1 and are keen to learn more detailed techniques and tips on contouring and strobing.

Contouring is regularly used to give shape to specific areas of the face to enhance the facial structure using the skills of the make-up artist with cosmetics. It is designed to create a subtle effect rather than a dramatic change.

Strobing is used to enhance facial features using highlighting. Instead of the normal practice of contouring with a darker shade and then highlighting to create definition, the focus is exclusively on the highlighting, concentrating on the area where light hits the face to create the visual effects required.

To be proficient in contouring and strobing it is imperative to understand the bone structure of the face in order to create the best visual effect for the individual.

About the course
The one day course integrates advanced airbrushing skills with those of contouring and strobing to enhance facial features. It provides you with the theory and practical skills you need for perfect application.

Suitable for
Make-up artists and beauty professionals that are keen to enhance their airbrushing and make-up knowledge. Previous experience of airbrushing make-up is essential before attending this course.

The course includes:

  • Understanding the basic bone structure of the face
  • Understanding how to lay down a foundation using advanced airbrush techniques prior to contouring and strobing
  • Creation of drop shadows
  • Highlighting a face to maximise natural features
  • Correcting face shapes using deep contouring and strobing
  • Combination of airbrush and traditional make-up techniques to enhance the final flawless finish

This bespoke course will help you master the art of Contouring and Strobing. You will enjoy plenty of time with an airbrush and make-up brush in hand. There is an informal session at the end of the day to discuss the techniques that you have learnt and ensure you are confident in the skill.

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