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Beard Boys Shaving Cream is a blend of natural vegetable oils and essential oils to give you the cleanest and closest shave….


Beard Boys Shaving Cream – Moisturizing and Nourishing Formula

A rich-lathering shaving cream formulated with Shea butter and avocado butter to nourish.

What it is formulated to do: To provide the ultimate close shave and recreate the barber experience —at home. This shaving cream delivers an exceptional shave using the finest ingredients: Shea butter to keep hair soft and moisturized, avocado butter to nourish skin and beard hair, and olive oil to help the blade glide to help prevent razor burn and rashes. The concentrated natural based formula refreshes and tones all skin types.

We have formulated this shaving cream by allowing the compounds to mature over time in small production batches to obtain a richer, more concentrated product. 


  1. Soak the Shaving Brush. When preparing for a shave, your shaving brush should be soaking in warm water in your sink to get the bristles nice and soft
  2. Wet The Bristle Hair
  3. Apply Shaving Cream onto Brush or directly onto area to be shaven
  4. Work the product onto area and lather
  5. Shave!

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