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Silver Shaving Soap

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Beard Boys Silver Shaving soap, shave in style….


The Silver Shaving Soap by Beard Boys will help you Lather Up! in style.

The shaving soap is conveniently placed in a stainless steel cup which makes it easy to create a rich, moisturizing lather.


  • Rich in eucalyptus oil
  • Protects the skin and gives a close, comfortable shave
  • Packaged in a steel mug
  • For use with a shaving brush – just add a tiny bit of water for a great lather
  • Each cup provides over 100 shaves – a great value
  1. Soak the Shaving Brush. When preparing for a shave, your shaving brush should be soaking in warm water in your sink to get the bristles nice and soft
  2. Wet The Bristle Hair
  3. Apply Shaving Cream onto Brush or directly onto area to be shaven
  4. Work the product onto area and lather
  5. Shave!

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